Schedule and Results

Preregister and Save
For most events if you pre-register on-line by the deadline (usually 3 days before an event), you will save $5 off the listed price. This savings is in addition to member/other discounts. After the deadline, you may still register on-line but will pay full price. Events that qualify will automatically give the discount at registration.

Date Time Cost Competition Register
2016   Member Not a
Friday   8 Jan   6PM – 9PM $20 $25 SOCO LOCO #4 Closed
Friday   8 Jan   6PM – 9PM $25 $25 JV High School Closed
Saturday   9 Jan   9AM –1PM $25 $25 High School #5 Closed
Saturday 30 Jan 11AM – 2PM TBD TBD High School #6 at Sport Climbing Center Closed
Friday 19 Feb   6PM –9PM $20 $25 SOCO LOCO #5 Closed
Friday 19 Feb   4PM –6PM $15 $15 SOCO BOULDERS (for Kids Classes) Closed
Saturday 27 Feb   8AM –12PM $30 $30 JV High School State Finals (at Rock'n & Jam'n) Closed
Saturday 27 Feb   2PM –6PM $30 $30 V High School State Finals (at Rock'n & Jam'n) Closed
Saturday   9 Apr   9AM –12PM $35(a) $35(a) SCS:Junior, Youth A&B Closed
Saturday   9 Apr   12:30PM –3:30PM $35(a) $35(a) SCS:Youth C&D Closed
Saturday 23 Jul 10AM –1PM $25 $25 CO State Games - Climbing Closed
Saturday 23 Jul 1:30PM –4:30PM $25 $25 CO State Games - Caving Closed
Sunday 24 Jul 10AM –1PM $25 $25 CO State Games - Bouldering Closed
Saturday 18 Jul   9AM – 12PM $45(a) $45(a) Rocky Mountain State Games Bouldering Closed
Sunday 19 Jul   9AM – 12PM $45(a) $45(a) Rocky Mountain State Games Climbing Closed
Saturday 12 Sep   9AM – 12PM $45(a) $45(a) USAC Bouldering Youth B, C, D Closed
Saturday 12 Sep   5PM – 8PM $45(a) $45(a) USAC Bouldering Adults, Juniors and Youth A Closed
Saturday 26 Sep   9AM – 12PM $20 $20 High School #1 at PURE Closed
Friday 16 Oct   6PM – 9PM $20 $25 SOCO LOCO #1 Closed
Saturday 17 Oct   9AM – 1PM $25 $25 High School #2 Closed
Friday 30 Oct   5PM – 9PM $25 $30 Night of the Living Deadpoint Closed
Friday 13 Nov   6PM – 9PM $20 $25 SOCO LOCO #2 Closed
Saturday 14 Nov   9AM – 1PM $25 $25 High School #3 Closed
Saturday   5 Dec   7PM – 10PM $35 $45 Ice Night Pro Competition Closed
Saturday   5 Dec   11AM – 5PM $20 $20 Ice Night Citizens Competition Closed
Saturday   5 Dec   7PM – 10PM $10 $10 Ice Night Spectators Closed
Friday   4 Dec   1PM – 4:30PM $105 $125 Will Mayo Clinic Closed
Saturday   5 Dec   9AM – 12:30PM $105 $125 Women's Clinic with Sarah Hueniken Closed
Saturday   5 Dec   1PM – 4:30PM $105 $125 Will Gadd Clinic Closed
Friday 11 Dec   6PM – 9PM $20 $25 SOCO LOCO #3 Closed
Saturday 12 Dec   9AM – 1PM $25 $25 High School #4 Closed

Fine Print

  • USAC Bouldering members will receive a $5 discount.

High School and Local Format

CityROCK is dedicated to promoting healthy, fun competitions for climbers of all ages and abilities. We were one of the first gyms in the state to organize climbing competitions specifically for high school climbers. We have continued our tradition of support for high school climbers through our involvement in the Colorado High School Climbing League. We also host local competitions, ABS and SCS competitions (part of USA Climbing Series)

Our local and high school competitions give climbers three hours to climb up to 20 routes and 20 boulder problems. The top five scores will be added together to form a final individual score. Bonus points will be given for flashing and leading.

SoCO Region: Qualification Requirements for CO High School Climbing League State competition
SoCo Region: Competition Format and Rules
Colorado High School Climbing League State Finals 2016

USA Climbing: ABS/SCS

USAC— (USAC Bouldering Series) — Part of the USA Climbing bouldering series, this competition will feature at least 40 boulder problems for all ages and abilities.

SCS — Sport Climbing Series — Part of the USA Climbing roped climbing series, this event has routes for all ages and abilities.

Other Formats

Redpoint — In this competition format, climbers must go from the bottom to the top of a climb or boulder problem using only the marked holds. When the climber successfully climbs the route/problem, then he/she will get the full amount of points for the climb, regardless of how many tries it takes.
Some competitions give bonuses for flashing (getting a route/problem on the first try) or penalties for falls.

On-sight - In the unique on-sight format, climbers stay in isolation until their turn. They then have up to 5 minutes to get as high as they can on each route. They will climb a total of
3 – 5 routes and will be scored on the highest hold they reach.

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