CityROCK Community

At CityROCK we believe that community is an investment. An investment with the people of our community and values that include:

  • Welcoming everyone
  • Encouraging a diverse group of people to work and play together
  • Caring about people
  • Finding ways to connect people
  • Using kindness, honesty, and trust to build strong relationships with other like-minded businesses and people

We strive to incorporate these values in all that we do – both by creating a vibrant community of strong, interesting diverse employees and members and through our relationships with dynamic, powerful organizations that are working to create change in people’s lives.

How we connect with our community

Route Sponsorship and the ClimbFUND

CityROCK’s mission is to strengthen individuals and communities through unique fun, fitness and adventure. As a way to fulfill the community aspect of our mission, we have partnered with Pikes Peak Community Foundation to form the ClimbFUND.

The ClimbFUND is a component fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. CityROCK donates all its membership joining fees to the ClimbFUND and now offers the opportunity for the community to donate to the ClimbFUND by being a CityROCK Route Sponsor. For more information on becoming a Route Sponsor READ MORE here.

A special thank you to our current Route Sponsors.

Community Partners and Sponsors
Local Competition Sponsors
Local Non-Profit Partners

Route Sponsors

Be a Route Sponsor

What is the ClimbFUND? The ClimbFUND is designed to help members of non-profit groups gain access to the emotional, physical, and spiritual heights of indoor and outdoor climbing.  In the past year the ClimbFUND has donated to a number of organizations, including District 11 (special education programs), Phoenix  (rehabilitating juvenile offenders), TESSA (victims of domestic violence and sexual assault), Play Date (teaching skills to disabled children), and Suicide Prevention Partnership (help for suicidal individuals and support for their family/people impacted by suicide). The fund also assists high school students who want to climb on a team or start a team at CityROCK.

Apply to the ClimbFUND.

What is a Route Sponsor? In outdoor climbing, the available rock limits your climbing to a certain path or route. Indoors we limit climbers by placing artificial holds on the wall and marking them with colored tape to create routes. When rock climbing, the climber follows a route. At CityROCK Climbing Center we have 170 climbing routes. These routes include climbing with ropes (where there is a climber and a belayer) and climbing without ropes, called bouldering. In addition to the colored tags, there is a card at the beginning of each route with information about the route. As a route Sponsor you donate $300 to the ClimbFUND and CityROCK route setters will set a route with your company logo and business description card on one CityROCK route. The logo/photo of your choice will be on all route tags for 2 months. (Tag ideas: your business logo, photos of your pet, your child, your favorite charity, your face). You may purchase more than one route.

A special thank you to our current Route Sponsors.

Please contact Michael for more information

Current Sponsors

Subaru Car

Heuberger Motors


Heuberger Motors is a Title Competition Sponsor for CityROCK, our Team CityROCK Sponsor and has also provided us with scholarship money for our youth climbing programs.

This car is placed here because climbers like Subaru’s. Heuberger Motors sells the most subarus in the world because they have figured out how to sell their cars very close to cost.

If you are interested in buying a Heuberger Subaru contact nicolem@hmtrs.com and say you saw the car at CityROCK.

CASA of the Pikes Peak Region


Volunteer with CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

CASA is an inclusive and accepting organization that is committed to serve fully all children and families in need.

We are a volunteer-based nonprofit organization serving El Paso County and Teller County that trains and supervises volunteers like you to represent the best interests of our most vulnerable citizens – victims of child abuse, neglect, and severe domestic conflict. As a CASA volunteer you are appointed by judges to be a voice for these children in court and in the community. The desired result is that children are placed into safe, loving homes where they can thrive.

CASA of the Pikes Peak Region serves approximately 900 children per year, but hundreds are still waiting. Volunteering at CASA is challenging work but is a position like no other. You stand up for abused and neglected children to give them a better future. Are you up to the challenge of making profound difference for these kids?

Get involved today.

Local Support

Partners and Sponsors

With the generosity of Heuberger Motors, Subaru Adventure Team and Subaru of America we are able to provide the following opportunities for our CityROCK youth and adult teams:

  • Scholarships to help Club and Team CityROCK Members
  • Team CityROCK sponsorship
  • Competition and event sponsorship

Apply for a Scholarship: If you are interested in applying for a scholarship the next application period will take place September 2015. For more information on how to apply, please contact Michael.

Local Competition Sponsors

Through the generosity of our community we have been able to develop our high school climbing competition series and our SoCO Loco competition series for anyone not in high school.

The following local businesses have helped us support these competitions

mountain chalet king chef diner Phantom Canyon Brewery Gearonimo Sports louies pizza cimt

Local Non-Profit Partners

Our local non-profit partners bring groups and events to CityROCK to expose their constituents to the benefits of climbing.

upadowna phoenix multisport pikes peak community foundations millibro art theater sprots corp